Worship: Sailing Spirits

Artwork, WIP and logo of Worship

Worship: Sailing Spirits

"Worship: Sailing Spirits" is a project I have worked on as a technical, 2D and 3D artist. It is a tower defense mobile game set in a Native American inspired fantasy universe, where the player has to build his lands and his towers in order to fight the pirates who are attacking his totem.
Worship was being developed by a team of six students, during our free time, participating in the Hits PlayTime contest.

Screenshot of Worship: Sailing Spirits

My work on this project was varied. I created entirely the logo of the game, from the first designs, the numerous iterations and the final design vectorized in Illustrator. I've worked a lot on the optimization of the game assets to make Unity's dynamic batching working, resulting in optimizing the number of vertex of the 3D models and creating the animations in 3dsMax or within Unity 4.6 directly, depending on the necessities. I also had a big part in the art direction since we are only two game artists on this game (Myriam Dufrier and I) and also designed, modelled and textured 2 towers.

I also helped in programming and in UI/UX design, and I worked on the shaders to have a more optimized sea and waves. Below are two towers that I created and animated for the game. The faces at the back of the towers have been deleted to have less than 300 vertices on the model, which was a necessity to have the dynamic batching working.

The First Tower by Worship: Sailing Spirits on Sketchfab

You can have a glimpse of our process of development and see updates about the game on our Facebook page or on our Twitter feed !

Project Information

Worship: Sailing Spirits
Technical art, logo and assets design, 2D & 3D art, animations, assets integration in Unity 4.6
September 2014 - May 2015
Unity 4.6, 3dsMax, Photoshop, Illustrator
Other team members
Jérémy Hartvick - Caroline Bitterly - Dante Medina - Myriam Dufrier - Hugues Barlet