No Time to West

No Time to West

No Time to West/ is a game created by a team of 13 students from Supinfogame within 2 weeks. Gameloft, with which our school has a partnership, asked us to create a mobile game with specifics constraints. The first constraint that our group had on Monday was to create a rogue-like in which the avatar can't die. A few days later, our second constraint was to bring a competitive aspect to the game.

No Time to West
is a freemium rogue-like mobile game created on Unity, with a strong competitive aspect created with a daily run mode and other online contests. In this game, the player plays the Death Michelle, whose cat has been stolen by a gang of cactuses. The player's goal is to save the cat within a limited amount of time: he has to reach it by killing his enemies through the levels, before the bomb explodes.

I worked as the team leader on the project, managing the team & the project and communicating with the Gameloft representants. I supervised and participated in the creation of the game design rules and the artistic direction. I also worked on assets optimization, writing a document about how to import correctly an asset in Unity for the art team to follow, to ease the programmers' work. If you would like to have more informations about this project, don't hesitate to contact me !

Drawing of the team

Project Information

No Time to West
Team & project management
9 March - 20 March 2015
Illustrator CS5, Photoshop CS5, Unity, 3dsMax
Other team members
Caroline Bitterly - Baptiste Billet - Adrien Peyromaure Debord Broca - Pierre Mervaillie - Typhaine Uro - Alexis Rives - Anaïs Jancenelle - Lucie Pelletier - Florent Vieillescazes - Marc Bonté - Léo Gimenez-Frontin - Raphaël Merlin