My Little Avengers

My Little Avengers

"My Little Avengers" is a game created by a team of 10 students from Supinfogame within 2 weeks. Gameloft, with which our school has a partnership, asked us to create a mobile game with Unity3D. Then, each group had more specifics constraints to make the game. The first constraints that our group had on Monday were to create a puzzle game using the license My Little Pony. A few days later, our third constraint was to use also the Marvel - Avengers license.

The goal of "My Little Avengers" is to reach the finish line by switching the adjacent ponies so they correspond to the objectives and obstacles in front of them. This is a horizontal-scrolling game, running on Android tablets and made in 3D. There is a survival mode for the hardcore gamers, called "Equestria Wish", but only the adventure mode is available in our prototype. Two of the major places of My Little Pony are represented in it (Ponyville & Appleloosa), and the main characters of the serie are the ones you play. They are cosplayed in Avengers, and have some of their powers (in the prototype, you can double-tap on Rainbow Dash to use the Iron Man laser).

I worked as a team leader, GUI artist & 2D/3D artist on this project.
On the pictures at the top of this page, I have vectorized and changed the design of Spike from an existing image; created entirely the HUD on the different screens of the gamen; modeled accessories and textured a whole pony as Loki.
UI Screen for My Little Avengers

If you want to test the game, enjoy !
  • Build Windows (don't forget to tick "Windowed" when launching the game)
  • Build Android .apk for Android tablets, but can work on phones with screen large enough.
Note : the easier level is the top one, whereas the hardest is the bottom one. And sometimes, the feedbacks of selection/switch of the ponies don't display. You have to click on the "Pause" menu and start over the level to play it the optimal way.

Project Information

My Little Avengers
Team management, GUI design, 2D works, 3D work
3 March - 14 March 2014
Illustrator CS5, Photoshop CS5, Unity 3D, 3dsMax 2014
Other team members
Tom Guiraud - Robin Tronchon - Blandine Leray - Angélique Moutarde - Mickaël Verbeke - Miguël Frémaux - Elouan Harmand - Clément Thomas - Tristan Peschoux