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Our final year is now over and the project has been a huge success at our jury, ending at the 1st place! You can test a build of our prototype by downloading the .zip here. If you have issues when launching the game, try launching it with lower quality settings, let me know if you have any trouble with it!. I have also put together a website on which you can read more information about the game and the team who developed it. Or, you can head over to our page!

I am also proud to say that Afterward has won the Best Student Game Award at the '16 Bit Awards ceremony organized by Playcrafting in New-York!

In-game screenshots

Afterward is a project I have been working on as a Game Artist & Lead 2D Artist within a team of seven students at Supinfogame, as our final year project. Afterward is an Action-Adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic world, that the player explores by fighting monsters and solving puzzles. To do so, the shaman he plays calls and recalls "distorsions", which are physical obstacles damaging the enemies and useful to solve puzzles by interacting with the environment.

Icons displaying features of the game

My work has been mainly focused on the 2D aspects of the game, which are the concept arts, the UI, the texturing and the visual communication. I have also worked on other aspects of the Game Art, like 3D modeling, FX or shader customization (with Shaderforge and Cg/HLSL). We worked with Unity5 and various software and plugins, such as 3dsMax, Maya, Adobe CC, Quixel, CurvedWorld and Shaderforge.

Below are a few in-game screenshots showcasing my work on the project, and I invite you to visit Afterward's website to see more in-game footage, screenshots and gameplay explanations!

Portraits of characters painted for the UI dialog boxes

Thread breaker wall

Interface of the game


Examples of concepts done for artistic researches

Project Information

Lead 2D Art (concept art, UI, texturing, marketing), 3D Modeling, FX, Technical art
June 2015 - June 2016
Unity 5, Photoshop, Illustrator, 3dsMax, Maya, Quixel, Shaderforge
Other team members
Jérémy Hartvick - Lucas Maupin - Maxime Weets - Mathieu Bédu - Myriam Dufrier - Loïc Perillier