Who am I?

Hello, I'm Inès Robin and I'm a Game Artist !

Being passionate about Mobile Games, I am looking for opportunities to grow in its industry. My current position at Tilting Point in New-York as a Marketing Artist has been truly enriching, and I am eager to share this knowledge I gained in Europe. Before working there for a year, I have worked in the Game Art team of King's Berlin's studio on Character and UI/UX Designs, and at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland as a 3D and UI/UX Artist.

I am also proud to say that my graduation project, Afterward, on which I was the Lead 2D Artist, had the highest grade at Supinfogame-Rubika's final jury for my Master in Game Art & Management, and has won the Award of the Best Student Game at the '16 Bit Awards of Playcrafting NYC.

Perseverant, curious, open-minded, autonomous and versatile team worker.

I am proficient with the Adobe Master Collection (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, InDesign), 3dsMax, Unity and zBrush. I like traditional art too, especially watercolour, and I have knowledge in other fields: Game Design, Programming (HTML5&CSS3, and bits of Cg/HLSL, C# & ActionScript3) and others 2D & 3D software like Maya, Quixel, Topogun, and Shaderforge (Unity). I always love to learn new skills and my goals are to explore the world, discover what the industry has to offer to me, and what I can bring to it!

The games I enjoy are mostly RPGs, social/casual games, puzzle games, and rogue-likes. The last games I've been playing are Mini Metro, Criminal Case/Pacific Bay, City of Love, Life is Strange, Towerfall, Alto, Fantasy Life, Bravely Default, and many other mobile games. My friends call me a hardcore-casual gamer!

You can download my CV/Resume and find me on LinkedIn! I am also building an Artstation page.
If you want to discuss about a role or my profile, you can get my contact details and send me an e-mail on this page or directly at pro@ines-robin.com.

I am looking forward to working with you!

My Skills

After Effects
Unreal Engine 4
Quixel Suite
C# (Unity)
AS3 & Flashpunk